Our belt has been developed to meet the current industry trends and technological advantages recently adopted.

The days of multiple layered ‘plied’ belting are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Our latest development incorporates the same thickness and stability benefits of a traditional 2 ply belt, with the flexibility of a single ply, whilst ensuring the non-negotiable requirements demanded of a quality treadmill machine.

Belt Features:
  • Non-stretch and non ‘edge curl’. The core carcass of the belt is of a Polyester rigid weft, achieving 12N/mm or 68.5 lbs/in elongation at 1%.


  • Permanently antistatic.


  • Grip top surface: Our ‘Diamond/Oval Profile’ top surface pattern ensures not only ultimate grip, but also provides superior impact absorption and cushioning effect while retaining a hard wearing, durable and long belt life benefit.


  • Driving surface is a Polyurethane impregnated LdB fabric (low decibel = low noise).


  • Flexibility. The construction of our 2mm thick belt ensures a flexibility that can withstand a recommended minimum pulley diameter of 30mm.


  • Joint / Splice. We incorporate the industries preferred method of Thermo Welded single finger joint (also known as a ‘Z’ joint), the joint is angled diagonally across the width of the belt to maximise joint strength through stress disbursement.


  • Our treadmill belts may be supplied with customers logo if so required.


* A certain element of original equipment manufacturers promote using a wax product to provide lubricant between the belt and the deck, we prefer the more widely accepted method of lubrication using a liquid silicone gel.
Added bonus: Our belts are pre-coated with Silicone gel at no extra charge at customers option (refer to ordering page).


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