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Q:Number of ‘Plies’?
A:Generally most home gym treadmill machines use a single ply PVC belt as standard, these are usually about 0.8mm to 1.1mm thick. The very high usage commercial fitness machines will vary between the single ply belts and two ply belts, the 2 ply being usually between 1.8mm and 2.6mm thick depending on the original equipment. uses the latest innovative design which combines the benefits of both single ply and two ply resulting in a single ply construction and 2mm thick.
A:No they do not smell. We put this in because we heard mention that some or other brand of belt apparently emits a foul smell. We at in 16 years have never come across any PVC conveyor belt that smells and are at a bit of a loss to understand how a belt can smell bad. Ours are certainly odour free!
Q:How long will my belt last?
A:In broad terms and as a rough indicator we would estimate that under average conditions a home gym belt would last approximately 2 years and a commercial gym approximately one year, however this is very much dependent on the maintenance of your machine. Regular checks for clean deck, lubrication, correct tension, belt alignment (not running off against side guards), good rollers and sound bearings etc are all in optimal belt life.
Q:Can I fit the belt myself?
A:Yes. We provide on the website a fitting guide and generic instruction. Basic tools and minimum skill is required. Do not be afraid, this is an easy and rewarding DIY job.
Q:Run Direction?
A:The belt can be fitted to rotate in either direction as long as the grip surface is topside. Our joint method is a single finger diagonal splice which allows for a flat join area and there is no right or wrong direction of movement when fitting.
A:We guarantee workmanship only, which in belting is generally the splice (joint) area. Treadmill Belts are manufactured to conform to specific dimension, such dimension as provided by you the customer, is deemed to be correct. Should the manufactured dimension differ from that which was ordered, Treadmill Belting shall either replace the belt or refund in full at our discretion. As such incidents are considered rare each case is unique and individually handled, please contact us directly with any problem or product related question.
Q:Benefit of single ply?
A:The 2mm thick belt in either Diamond or Oval grip surface, allows for enhanced impact absorption (kind to your feet) and greater resistance to stretch and edge curl (dynamic stability) while retaining the single ply belts ability to flex around small roller diameters.
A:Of great importance to extending the life of your treadmill belt and to protecting the deck, is lubrication. As with most things there is a happy medium between too much and too little. Wherever possible refer to your owners manual for lubrication recommendations. We offer our belts pre-lubricated which should last for some time, however the lubrication intervals depend largely on how your machine is used: Daily walking for middle distance requires less lubrication than high speed long distance running. As a rule of thumb when you feel a series of stick and release moments, a sense of the belt jerking of grabbing the deck – that’s an indication that lubrication is required.
Q:Is compatible with my machine?
A:Yes. Our manufacturer is a world leader in the production of treadmill belting for many original equipment manufacturers around the globe. It is quite possible that our belt is in fact your original equipment or at least a generic version. Given the technology put into our 2mm thick belt we believe in many cases your replacement belt will be an improvement on the original. Much the same as different brands of tyres on your car the mechanism is the same and they do the same job, we just ensure the road-holding is better!
A:It may be possible that in certain cases low prices may cause concern when compared to other suppliers. This could be due to the location of the other suppliers or frankly just a question of profit margin. We are determined to offer the ultimate combination of quality product and workmanship at industry leading pricing.

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