Measuring Treadmill Belt Dimensions

Information on how to obtain the dimensions of the treadmill belt required by your treadmill.

We will need to know the required belts length and width dimension. The easiest but most unlikely option, is that the dimension may be recorded in your Manual provided when you originally purchased the machine. For 99.9% of owners follow the steps below:

Our library of dimension per Make and Model continues to grow, however the safest option is to measure either the old belt or, if it is missing, the belt path. Follow these simple steps and refer to photographs for assistance:
NB: In all measuring options please remember to check position of adjusting roller (refer diagram). Ideally the adjusting roller should be in a ‘one third to half way out’ position, meaning that when new belt is fitted it will be possible to apply sufficient running tension. This is covered in more detail under ‘Fitting’.

Old Belt still intact on treadmill
Measuring your treadmill belt whilst it is still on the treadmill ...more
Old Belt is off Treadmill
Measuring your treadmill belt if it is no longer on the treadmill ...more
Belt is missing completely
Information on how to determine the required belt dimensions for your treadmill if the belt is missing completely. ...more

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